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Event Starts - Compere Welcome with Jenna Davies


Rebecca Jones - Chairman's Welcome


Dr Lynda Shaw - The Science of Pleasure


Alex Williams - Getting Back Up: The 3 Non-negotiables to recover from adversity

In this talk we remove the nonsense and cut to the core of what it really takes for you to get back up when life knocks you down. Learn:

  • How you can reframe your past, so it no longer holds you back.
  • How you can approach the now so you can take back control of your life.
  • How you can take control of your future to better protect your mental health.


Shelley Bridgman - Becoming who you already are in a world of change


Tea & Coffee Break


Della Hudson - Mini Keynote: Secrets of a Mediocre Speaker

We’ve heard what the top speakers do but how about those who earn a more modest living from their speaking and related activities? Learn:

  • How to book two gigs in an hour 
  • How much to charge
  • How to raise your profile so speaker bookers will come to you
  • How to make life easier for speaker bookers


Nathan Littleton - Mini Keynote: How to Build a Marketing Machine

There are hundreds of ways you can market your speaking business, but what’s the best use of your time and money to get the best return? In this session, Nathan will lift the lid on exactly what’s working right now.

  • Learn the simple steps you can take to build your marketing machine in just an hour a day.
  • Discover the marketing techniques that are working right now.
  • Find out how you can take the first step to improving your marketing before you even leave the room.


David Hyner - Mini Keynote: Go RHINO ... or go home !

In the space of a week the world was turned upside down. David will demonstrate that despite everything cancelling or postponing, he managed to turn it around by going BIG!  Discover how going BIG can save your business. 

  • How 5 minutes a day creating content provides huge rewards.
  • Learn how to think BIGGER with webinars.
  • How successful social media marketing makes selling easy.


The Business of Speaking Panel hosted by Elsa Caleb

What better host for The Business of Speaking panel than a Business Consultant Strategist, to help us create better businesses.  Elsa Caleb will be guiding a Q&A session with our three business speakers, Della Hudson, Nathan Littleton and David Hyner.  Here’s your chance to ask those burning questions that will make all the difference.


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Ask The Experts

Alan Stevens, Alex Owen-Hill, Andy Lopata, Darren Harris, David Henson, Jackie Handy, Janice B Gordon, Lee Warren, Mark Wingfield, Richard Hagen, Sarah Fox


Rebecca Jones - Chairman's Address



Join us in celebrating this year’s PSA Spring awards!


Tea & Coffee Break


National President Dr Lynda Shaw and GSS Programme Chair Alan Stevens

Our National President  Dr Lynda Shaw and GSS 2022 Programme Chair Alan Stevens, take to the stage to share what you can expect by joining us in Dublin, Ireland this Autumn for the year’s biggest speaker event!


Sarah Furness - How to Lead Fearlessly

The number one thing that holds us back? It’s FEAR. The instinctive response is to resist the things that scare us. But that’s no way to live. And it’s no way to lead. In fact it’s a real buzz kill.

  • We can learn to tolerate, not just fear of rejection, but rejection itself.
  • Rejection is crucial in leadership and followership.
  • Rejection strengthens relationships.


Kriss Akabussi - In the Depths of Winter: An Incredible Summer

Kriss will take us through his own existential journey from Nigerian Prince to an athletic World Champion via the institutions of the UK child care system, and the British Army. Get ready for the an incredible story and learn:

  • It’s not what happens to you that matters its what you make of what happens that counts.
  • Your past is for reference not for residence.
  • Dream big and embrace your better future.


Compere Close with Jenna Davies